Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Fun!

This year it was our year to be with my family. We take turns every other year because we figured it was just too much to eat two thanksgiving dinners. We had my whole extended family there. My grandparents were in town and they were able to spend time with all 5 of their great grand kids. It is always so much fun when we all get together. I love Thanksgiving so much but I love the day after Thanksgiving even more. Can anybody say shopping? And if anyone knows me well enough I am a total shopaholic.

This is one of Paxton's second cousins Cole. They are actually four months apart but Paxton is huge! I swear they are almost the same size. They had so much fun playing together except Cole can crawl and walk circles around him. So needless to say he got picked on a little bit. But it is good for him because he is usually the one picking on everyone else.
After Thanksgiving dinner daddy took Paxton down to watch a movie. I went down to check on them and this is what I found. I thought it was so cute! He just always wants to be where is dad is.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Riding a Horse!

My sister has a horse and we thought it would be a good idea to take Paxton to go see her. Although I couldn't go with him because I'm like deathly allergic to horses. But my fam took some pics and look how cute he is. He absolutely loved the horse and the horse was making noises and he tried to copy her. Man I just love my little boy soo much he is definitely at such a fun age.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Starting to scoot!

So this past week when I sit Paxton on the ground he has figured out how to get from his bum to his stomach. Once he gets to his stomach he has realized he doesn't want to stay put. He cant get very far but he definitely has figured out how to scoot across the floor. I can leave the room and come back and he has gotten himself a few feet and into my DVD s and everything else he can get his hands on. I think I'm definitely going to have to get a baby gate and baby proof my house soon. I know I'm for sure I'm going to have a very curious boy when I put up my Christmas tree. But I do have to say I love this age so much. I cant believe how busy he keeps me and how much joy he brings to my life.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Teething Biscuits!

So when I took Paxton in for his 6 month check up his doctor said he was starting to teeth a little bit. So she said if I felt like it I could give him some of those teething biscuits. So today I decided to give him one and he freakin loved it! But he made a really big mess as you can see. Luckily I haven't given him a bath yet today.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vacation to St. George!

So I took Paxton to St George over the weekend with my parents. Brandon had gone four wheeling at the sand dunes with a bunch of guys from our ward. And there was no way I wanted to sit home all weekend. He was so good in the car I just turned on a movie for him and he loved it. I think I was more antsy riding in the car I hate to sit in one spot too long. When we got there he just settled right in like he owned the place.

I took him swimming and he thought it was the greatest thing. He figured out how to splash and kick his legs in the water. It was hard to hold onto him because he wanted to swim by himself. I cant believe how big and independent he is getting. It totally makes me sad but not sad enough to have another one any time soon.

We went to Tuachan on Saturday to see a show, which was soo good. I was really nervous to take him because I thought for sure two hours was a long time for him to sit especially at 7:00 at night. But I was wrong he didn't make a peep through the whole show. He loved it a ton. I was totally ready to come home though I swear you need a vacation from your vacation. And Paxton always gets off his normal schedule so it always takes a few days to adjust.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Having fun with friends!

Paxton and Carter

Paxton was soo jealous that daddy was paying more attention to Carter.

Paxton and Avery

Paxton and Gavin

So Paxton had a fun weekend this last weekend. It started out with Thursday Teresa brought Gavin over, and look at the two of them playing together. Its so great that they are finally getting big enough that we can sit them across from each other to play. Although I have to say I think I might have a little bully on my hands because Paxton thought it was funny to push Gavin over. On Saturday night we were so lucky to get to babysit Carter while Tyler and Sam went to see Crew at the hospital. Man I forget what it is like to have such a tiny baby around. It was so much fun to watch him. Brandon wouldn't put Carter down for even two seconds he loves babies so much. I know that if I would say yes that Brandon would be all for me getting pregnant right now. Also Saturday night Wes and Ashley came over and they brought their cute girl Avery. We put Avery in Paxton's bumbo and Paxton was kind of jealous she was in it. He kept holding on to the sides and shaking the bumbo like he was trying to tell Avery to get out. Anyway we had a great weekend we are so greatful for such great friends we love them all.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

So for Halloween we decided to be a family costume. I had the cutest bee costume for Paxton. So Brandon was a bee keeper(much to his dismay) and I was a flower. I thought we looked so cute. But Brandon said he gets to pick the costumes next year. We went to a party and had so much fun especially since this was Paxton's first Halloween!

We went to a Halloween party and we played some fun games. We had a mummy wrapping contest. We had four minutes to wrap our partner up like a mummy. Brandon got kind of creative with me and put a bread stick in my mouth.

We also had a contest to see who could eat a donut off a string with no hands the fastest. I totally lost it was so much harder than it looks.

We bobbed for apples which took me forever to finally get an apple out of the bucket. I'm sure that everybody loved me because my makeup was coming off in the water. (yum, yum) Brandon wouldn't even bob for apples because he is such a germ freak. But that's OK I love him anyway.