Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Pics

Paxton had his 2 year old pictures taken last week. Im a slacker mom he turned 2 in April. Tomi did a great job even though Paxton wouldnt sit still or smile for her.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend!

We had a blast memorial weekend. We took our new trailer out for the first time with 4 other couples and their kids. Austin and Paxton were buds the whole trip. They are exactly one month apart. They were either pushing eachother down or hugging eachother.

Everytime one of the adults was going to take a side by side out the kids would all pile in so they wouldnt get left behind.
None of the kids wanted to go to bed and the adults wanted to play games so I bribed the kids by turning on a movie and popping popcorn. Soo cute!

My favorite 2 boys in the world having fun.
This is Paxton waiting his turn to catch the football.
Brandon caught a lizard and all of the kids wanted to hold it.
Paxton making himself comfortable in the chair.
Love this picture of Paxton just chilling on the steps with his capri sun.
He is playing in the dirt with his toys but if you look really carefully those are chips in his hand that he keeps dropping then eating.Some of the guys built a little zipline for the kids. Paxton loved it.

Our friends Kirsten and Matt brought there big doberman with them and Paxton was in heaven. Especially since she looks just like our 2 mini dobermans. He wanted to help walk her wherever she went.
My fav pic of my boys. Paxton could ride for hours on whatever Brandon will take him on.

More cute pics of the kids all begging for a ride all of the time.