Monday, June 29, 2009

Watching TV

We have been so busy lately that we usually leave the house in the morning before even turning on the tv. Paxton used to watch disney channel every morning. Well this morning we are just taking it easy and he walked over to the tv and was hitting it. So I turned it on and he went and sat in his swim toy with his blanket and was watching Mickey Mouse.
When they started to sing he got up and walked to the tv and started dancing. He was so cute and it made me feel bad that we have been so busy that we havent just chilled at home.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I am in seriously in need of ideas for Father's Day. What do I get Brandon? Any ideas? I am desperate!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I hate vacations!

Ok so can I tell you that I hate vacations. I went 6 days without working out and I ate like crap! I came home and it took all I had in me to run 3 miles without killing myself. Now I will have to work so hard for the next week just to get back to where I was before I left. Now there is only 2 1/2 weeks until my 10k and I have fallen like 2 weeks behind. And I am way too afraid to even set foot on a scale because I probably gained like 10 pounds. Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary and Brandon was taking me to a dinner and a movie. When we got to the movie I was feeling so sick so we decided to go home. But before we got home we had to stop so I could throw up. Yuck!! Happy anniversary to me. Ha ha oh well there is always next year.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lake Powell!

We just got back from Lake Powell with Brandon's family and we had a blast! While they were trying to beach the houseboat I was trying to keep Paxton busy and out of the way down in our room. He thought he was being so sneaky by getting in the chip bag.
He was so proud of himself when he finally got the chip all by himself. Well little did we know that while we were downstairs that this trip was going to be the most eventful ever. Pretty soon I heard a really loud noise and so I went upstairs to see what it was. Sure enough somebody had let go of the rope and it was stuck in the prop. Well before we knew it the rope was stuck in both props. Brandon swam down there and got the rope out of the props. After that we continued to anchor down the houseboat and while we were getting the anchors in the houseboat started to make this really loud beeping noise. It was telling us there was water in the engines. We went and checked and both engines and the generator were almost all the way under water. Well to make a long story short we were sinking. We had to get buckets and take turns bailing out water for hours until we could borrow enough manual bilge pumps to get the water out. We finally beached the houseboat sideways so that way we couldnt sink. But our bedroom was a good foot and a half under water. It was the biggest mess. Finally we just realized we were screwed and nobody was coming to help us until the next day. So we went to bed.

The next day we decided there was nothing else we could do until they came to help so we just played all day. So we played on the boats and wave runners. We went to dangling rope to get more ice so that we could try to salvage any food we have left since the fridges didnt work.
Paxton loved playing on the beach. He would sit there for hours until I made him go inside.
He loved swimming in the water with Brandon and the kids.

Paxton wanted to do everything Brandon did. He wanted to play out in the deep water without his life jacket or floaty. He thought he was such a big boy.

I love this picture of Paxton playing in the water. He loved to splash.

He is all boy in this picture. Pushing his truck into a big mud hole. Boys and mud!
Giving dad a good splash in the face. Well finally the yacht service came about 5:00. They dived under and found out that the prop had seperated from the boat and there was a 3 inch hole that was letting water come in really fast. They got rags hammered into the hole and pumped out all of the water. They got the other engine to turn on and then told us to grab one change of clothes and get off the boat. They said the boat had to be immediately pulled out of the water before it sank. So we got on the ski boats and went into the marina to wait for the boat to come in. Finally at 10:00 they had the boat pulled off the water and had it up on a big trailer in the dry storage. We had no food or bedding or a place to sleep. The yacht service was super nice and told us we could stay on an extra houseboat that they use for work purposes.

The next day we just packed up the ski boats and took them out to play for the day.
After a long day of playing we came back to hang out at the houseboat.
Now the houseboat we got to stay on was really crappy so the guy who designed the whole marina felt bad for us and he let us come and hang out on this houseboat which is called the Big Dog. It was so amazing inside and the biggest housboat there.

Here is the famous Rigatony that we got to stay on. Im not complaining because it was free but nothing like our houseboat that was built in 2007.
We had a ton of fun on Sunday. We hooked up with Tyler and Sam and let the boys play.

Brandon and Tyler out in the water with the boys. Thanks to them we had the best lunch that we had the whole trip. We had plenty of junk food but all of our meat had gone bad because of the lack of a generator to keep the fridges going.
Look how cute the twins are. They were eating suckers. Well this trip may have been a disaster but it will be one that our family will remember forever. It ended up being one of the best trips to Lake Powell but I am glad to be home.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today I ran a 5k with my brother and my friend Bailey. The Salt Lake City Police department sponsered it and all of the proceeds went to the Shriners Hospital for children. So it was great to run for a good cause.
Here I am nearing the finish line and I finished in 31 minutes and 6 seconds. Which isnt the greatest time but was still good for me. Especially since a lot of it was a up hill.

Afterwards they had muffins, oranges, and gaterade. This was a really fun race and I cant wait until my 10k next month.