Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Paxton was so excited to open all of his presents. It started out Christmas eve with our traditional opening new pajamas. My camera battery died so I dont have our traditional picture of Brandon's whole family in matching pajamas. But since Brandon's sister is living in New York we all had matching I Love NY shirts and black and red striped pajama pants. It was so cute. Paxton made this face while he was opening each present and then he would say "wow."
It did take us a little while to open presents because he liked to rip off little pieces of wrapping paper at a time. And then he would want us to take the toys out of the box so he could play with it right that second.

He loves trucks and cars and pushes them around saying "vroom vroom."

Paxton also got a basketball hoop and he loves daddy to play with him.

He was so spoiled by all of the grandparents and aunts and uncles. My parents gave him this cute tool set. It has a drill, hammer, screwdrivers, saw and bolts. He loves to drill the bolts into the top.

Every Christmas morning my mom makes a huge breakfast and has everyone over. The food is amazing and she only makes most of the foods once a year. Paxton really enjoyed himself and also being the center of attention at the table. What a cheeseball!

Later that night paxton decided to finish opening his presents from grandma and grandpa. We were all waiting patiently for our turn to talk to my brother Derek. Who is serving a mission in Houston, Texas. It was so great to hear from and I miss him so much. Although I am proud to say I held it all together and didnt cry once. Unlike last Christmas where I balled my eyes out after I hung up the phone. Also that means he only has 9 months left!
While all of the commotion was going on I caught my brother Garet playing with Paxton's toys. He says he was just testing things out but I know that he really was playing with it. Ha ha
Brandon's grandma sent Paxton a package from Florida. One of the presents was this little remote control winnie the pooh car. He loves to drive it all over the hard wood floor. He even ran it into the dog dish and spilled all of the food. Well that about sums it up. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a great New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where was Daddy?

So I have been really sick since Saturday. I mean really sick. I have not left my bed. I have to crawl to the bathroom and then I just crawl right back to bed. Thanks to my mom and Brandon I havent changed a diaper or fed my little boy. ( which isnt always a good thing I have missed doing the little things) I have barely got to hug him or love him. When Brandon was at work my mom watches him. Brandon has been so sweet to cater on every need I may have. But sometimes daddys dont watch little boys too closely. I told Brandon to check on Paxton because he was being awfully quiet and sure enough Paxton was standing on the bathroom counter and was playing with my mascara. He has this fettish with getting into my makeup. Luckily today I did get out of bed but only because I have been loaded up on drugs. I got to spend time with Paxton which I loved. Hopefully I will feel much better by new years so I can pig out on everything yummy. Well I will post Christmas pics when I am feeling better.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Greatest Invention

Ok so I have decided I should design a time out chair with a seat belt. Whats the point of a time out chair when they can just climb off of it. And I dont want to lock him in his room because then he will associate his room with time out and he loves to play in his room. So Im off to design that this week so Paxton cant get off the chair and run around when he is in trouble. I will post pictures as soon as I am finished. (Ha ha Im really serious!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

New pics

A cute lady in our ward took Paxton's pictures last week. And she did a great job, and Paxton was horribly naughty so thanks Tomi for getting some great pics anyway.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sitting on Santa's lap

My mom and dad took Paxton to their ward Christmas party and Santa was there for all of the kids. Paxton wasnt so sure about Santa. He didnt cry but he didnt look happy either. He is just sitting there like who the heck is holding me. I thought this Santa was so cute, I mean look at his beard and everything what a cute little guy. Im glad Paxton got to see Santa now I dont have to pay at the mall to get a picture.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Funny Boy

Paxton was playing in the closet and this is what he found. He is constantly wearing the dog harness around his neck he will also put on my tank tops. He just sticks his head through the arm hole. Its so funny. But he found these cat ears I wore a few years ago for Halloween. He is so funny and is constantly making us laugh.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving in St George

We went to St. George for Thanksgiving this year with Brandon's whole family, which totalled in at 29 people. It was a blast Brandon took Paxton swimming everyday. We could never get him out of the pool and by the time we did he was nice and pruney.

He would climb out of the pool and then run and jump right in. He doesnt even look to see if anyone is there to catch him. He is totally fearless.

When he is in his little turtle he can swim in the pool by himself. He kicks so hard and makes it go but usually it just turns around in circles.

At the house in St. George our room has this dog that sits on the bed for decoration. Paxton would pet and kiss the dog like it was real. I have to admit when I first saw it I thought it was, it freaked me out. He would point at it and go "woof woof."

Thanksgiving morning the boys headed over to the park for a big annual turkey bowl. So Paxton and I sat on the sidelines and enjoyed. Good thing for Grandma Jane that she brought this bat and ball or Paxton would of never stayed off the football field.

I was talking to some of Brandon's family and looked over and Paxton was trying to be sneaky and open daddy's mountain dew. It was so funny when I would look over he would look away. It was like he was saying "Im not doing anything mommy."

The day after Thanksgiving we went to snow canyon and hiked around in some caves. It was a blast.

Grandma and Grandpa watched Paxton while we went into the caves. But Paxton stayed behind and had his own fun playing in the dirt. He was covered head to toe.

There were alot of teenage boys down there and Paxton followed them around and wanted to be just like them. He would wear their shoes everywhere he went around the house. It was hillarious so I had to get a few pics. Now at home he wears whatever shoes are sitting out.

This is Blake and Paxton. Blake is Paxton's favorite uncle. It helps that he is only 9 and caters to everything Paxton wants to do. St. George was a blast and we had so much fun with all of Brandon's family. This post is a little late but I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and now its less than 3 weeks til Christmas.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Adult world

I realized this morning that Paxton really lives in an adult world. Especially when he thinks his stuffed bear is his best friend. He was sharing his food and holding the bear's hand and talking to him like he was real. Being the only grandchild on both sides leaves him with no cousins to play with. I try to get him together with other kids when possible but for the most part he hangs out with mom and dad. I guess I know the solution for that would be having another baby. But I just cant bring myself to terms with being pregnant right now. And somedays Paxton really pushes my patience and then I think I am crazy for even entertaining the idea of another one. If your a mom Im sure you know the feeling. This week he has been sleeping horrible and getting up 2 times a night. I cant remember being this tired and I dont even have a newborn in the house. I guess I am just used to sleeping like 9 hours a night straight. I realize how selfish that sounds and maybe I just need to jump in feet first and go for it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Too much love

I love this little boy so much. I have decided that once a week that Paxton and I are going to have a day for just the two of us. Now I know that I have these days almost everyday with Paxton but we are going to do stuff together. Life gets so crazy and busy that sometimes I forget to stop and look how much this little boy is growing up. I am always cleaning, working, doing laundry and everything else that sometimes I think I take this sweet boy for granite. So today we went and got lunch and took it to the park. Paxton thought this was the greatest idea ever. The weather today couldnt have been more perfect either, it was so nice outside. Next week who knows what we will do, maybe we will go to lunch and the aquarium. I just feel like I need to take him on little day trips once a week to get out of the house and to spend one on one time with mommy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Half Marathon

I ran my first half marathon on Saturday. Since it was on Halloween we were aloud to dress up and their was this girl who ran the full 13.1 miles in a wedding dress. Im not in this picture but I thought it was hilarious. She had a sign that said runaway bride.
This is me at mile 10 and I am just getting a drink and walking for a minute.
This is me at mile 12 and look at my face. I am pretty tired by this point.
Here I come approaching the finish line. I was so tired by this point all I wanted to do was cross the finish line.
Here is me, Teresa, and Jennica. We have been training together since July for this run. I seriously love these girls and was so glad I had them by my side for this amazing race.
My mom brought Paxton down and came to a couple of the stops to cheer me on. Also my friends Bailey and Megan were there to support me. This race was one of the hardest things I have done mentally and physically. I loved everystep of it and I am seriously so proud of myself. I didnt finish in the time I wish I would of. It took me 2 hours and 21 minutes and I was hoping for 2 hours and 10 minutes. But I am doing one in St George so hopefully I can redeem myself. Thanks everyone for the support.