Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camping, Swimming, and random pics!

We have had so much fun swimming and camping this summer. We have been really busy which leaves no time to update.

Paxton learned how to swim by himself with water wings. He doesnt like anyones help and he is actually really good at it too. He takes after his dad and is a natural swimmer and he is fearless.

He loved learning to fish with daddy. He had to hold his own pole and do it himself.

He is trying to mow the grass up camping. He loved playing with his lawn mower.

One of his favorite things is to play in my bathroom. He loves to do his hair and put my mascara on.

Mascara is like a daily occurence in our home.

Paxton loved playing in the river with daddy. He would throw rocks in the river.

Sitting just like daddy. I like to copy everything he does.

I can do it dad all by myself.
My two favorite boys doing what they love.
Going for a walk. We have had so much fun this summer and its not over.