Wednesday, January 27, 2010

St George with the girls.

We had so much fun on our girls trip to St George. It was much needed even though I missed Paxton and Brandon. We did hair, facials, and nails.

All of us going to go shopping and out to lunch after we worked out hard at the gym that morning.

Pigging out on our Arbys. None of us watched what we ate while we were gone. We pigged out the whole weekend it was great!

After lunch we went to the mall and each of us picked out 2 prom dresses for eachother to try on. It was so much fun. Although I didnt post the funniest picture of us because it is really inmodest and because Teresa would kill me.
We went hot tubbing both nights we were there. It was great to just relax.

On our way home we stopped in Beaver and got icecream and took pictures in this big chair. Dont we look like a bunch of tourists? Well the trip was so much fun and I cant wait to do it again soon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Who gave you a sucker?

Well I took Paxton with me to the bank and I always let him have a sucker. He always does really well with it so I wasnt worried. We got home and he had been rubbing it in his hair and all over his face and clothes. He was so sticky. It was all over his carseat what a mess. I had no choice but to go in and give him a bath. Oh well boys will be boys!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ok here we go 2010! I am super excited for this year. Although I think my new years resolutions list is a little bigger this year. For starters I have put on a few pounds during the holidays so back on the band wagon for that. My goal is to get back into shape. Because I have to say since my half marathon I have kind of let myself slide and I can totally tell. Im getting a little flabby and my clothes fit a little tighter and I am out of breath a little easier when working out. I dont want all of my hard work from 2009 to go to waste. Also I would like to be a little more on top of things this year. I am the worst at letting laundry stack up. Then when I get around to it, it takes me 2 days just to catch up. So I am going to be better at that. Next my goal is to at least cook dinner 4 or 5 times a week. Brandon works a ton of hours so the least I can do is have dinner ready for him when he gets home. Im not promising anything great will be cooked since I suck at it an absolutely hate to cook. Then I need to catch up on Paxton's scrapbook. I used to be really good at it and now I hate to say I am about 8 months behind. Im old school and love to add my little touches to his pictures otherwise I could say myself alot of time and just do books on the computer. And last but not least I want to finish the book of mormon by april conference. The bishop had given everyone in our ward a challenge to finish it by then and thats my goal. I just have a feeling 2010 is going to be an amazing year.