Monday, March 30, 2009

Worst Mom Award

So I seriously feel like the worst mom. Today I went over to a friends house and I brought Paxton with me. She had her fireplace on and I didn't think anything of it. I put Paxton down and walked over to the kitchen and put my stuff down. And before I know it Paxton is crying and I look over and he is sitting next to the fireplace. I knew instantly that he had touched the glass. I walked over and his hand was bright red and he was shaking it crying. I immediately ran it under cold water and that seemed to calm him down. But he decided he didn't want me running it under water anymore. I tried to get him to hold a cold rag but he refused. He just kept looking at me and crying and saying mama. So I got some burn ointment and stuff to wrap his hand. He doesn't like it but hasn't figured out how to take it off. I tried to put him down for a nap and he just cried. He has blisters on his palm where he touched the glass. I feel so bad how could I have been so dumb to not think about the fireplace!! So I have spent the rest of the day holding him and loving him because that is all he wants. He gets down to crawl and puts pressure on his hand and then lifts it up and cries. I wish I could take away the pain I know how bad a burn hurts and that makes me feel so much worse.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Im growing up!

So Brandon and I went to Carls Jr over the weekend and Paxton didn't want to sit in his high chair. So I went over and got a booster chair and put it right next to Brandon and Paxton loved it. He thought he was such a big boy sitting at the table with us.
This is Colton who comes over with his family to my mom's house every Sunday and loves to play with Paxton. So we put Paxton in the little wheelbarrow and Colton pushed him around. Paxton had so much fun.
Now Paxton is starting to be a pain to take places. Everywhere we go he wants to get down. When we go to the mall he wants out of his stroller and when we went to costco he wanted out of the cart. He was holding on to the bottom and pushing the cart all by himself. Which I am impressed because it is pretty heavy.

So Paxton pushes everything around. He is so close to walking but is way to nervous to do it by himself. Which I guess is good that he is so cautious. But seriously I have been having some serious melt downs because I cant believe how much Paxton is growing up. And needing me less and less.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun with Dad!

We went to Brandon's parents house on Sunday for birthday dinners. And Brandon put Paxton on his shoulders and he loved it. He wouldn't let us get him down. But he kept putting his hands in Daddy's eyes and pulling on his eyelids. So no more of that.
I love this picture Paxton totally looked like he was helping blow out the candles. But in reality Brandon was holding him back because he kept trying to grab the candles while they were still lit.
He loves cake so much. But he makes the biggest mess. I cant wait til his birthday next month when I let him go at his own cake.
He is becoming less and less of a mommas boy. Every time I try and hold him and cuddle him this is what he does. He just squirms until I let him down. It breaks my heart I cant believe he is getting so big.
Here he is and he won I let him down. Hes totally fine as long as I'm letting him do what he wants to do.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday weekend!

Happy Birthday sweet heart. Today you are 25 and I cant believe it. We met 9 years ago crazy to think.
So I have been planning for the last 2 months on doing a surprise birthday party for Brandon. Our birthdays are only a day apart and he is such a good sport about sharing everything with me. So this year I wanted to do something special and surprise him. We had dinner at pizza factory (thanks to Quin and Teresa for treating us) and we then went bowling at fat cats. Thanks to all of our friends who came and had fun with us. We didn't get a picture of Quin and Teresa but we love them too.

Tyler and Sam

Tyson, Jamie and baby boy coming soon

Blake and Aubrey

Austin and Sean which I owe a huge thanks to for getting Brandon there and not ruining the surprise.
So it was also my birthday yesterday and some of our friends and us were sinners and went out to dinner for my birthday after we got out of church. Paxton was having so much fun and now every time we give him a phone he pretends to talk on it. I think that is due to Brandon is always on his phone and he wants to be just like dad.
Paxton also really enjoyed eating my birthday cake but boy was he messy and sticky.
This is what Paxton does when we try to take a family picture. He freaks out all he wants to do is be down on the ground crawling. He is such a little stink.