Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love my Husband!!

Ok so yesterday I was shopping at Lowes with my mom and I said to her how bad I really wish I had a front loader washer. She said lets go see if they have a good price on one. We were talking to the guy over the appliance department and he said let me check other stores.(FYI my dad is a manager at Lowes and he is not aloud to give me a good deal because I am his daughter, stupid I know) So he called the sandy store and the appliance manager said that if I wanted blue ones that he would sell me the set for $1000. I said no,and then asked what about just the washer and he said he could give it to me for $575. So I called and told Brandon about it and said one day I would like to get them. Then he said you should get them ,I will buy them for you. I was like really? I told him I really only needed the washer but he said he wanted me to have the whole set. Well they got delivered today and I love love love them! Thanks so much hunny! Oh and if anybody needs a new washer or dryer we are selling ours. They are only a few years old and in great condition.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swimsuit Party!

I am having a swimsuit party this Thursday the 21st from 6-8 pm. It is at 13283 Cornerwood Dr (1000 east). Come check out the really cute swimsuits and just hang out. If you have any question email me at Or you can check out their website

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ok so let me vent

A lot has been happening around here the last week. Not all good things either. So to start last wednesday we were trying to get ready to go camping on thursday. Which we are kind of PROCASTINATORS so we still had a ton to do. Well 7:00 rolls around and we had just gotten home from the store. Brandon was outside playing with Paxton and I told him I was going to go in and start cleaning the house a little bit. Brandon brought Paxton upstairs about 10 minutes later and I didnt notice. Pretty soon I could hear Paxton laughing and I went to see where he was and sure enough he was playing in the TOILET. Its like a daily activity I always forget to shut the door. Well I walked over washed his hands bent down and wiped up the toilet and then FLUSHED. Then about 20 minutes later Brandon was freaking out about that he had given Paxton the KEYS and they are gone. Oh dont worry after we tore our HOUSE and garage apart we realized where the keys were. We starting putting everything together. Paxton had gone directly into the bathroom after Brandon brought him upstairs. And everything always goes in the toilet when Paxton has it. So Brandon took apart the toilet but we had no luck. Well its now 10 and we have no keys and they car is locked and the car seat is in the car. Oh I left out the most important part. Those were are ONLY KEYS! So the next day Brandon takes me to work and we borrowed my moms car seat. Brandon goes down to the mazda dealership gets a key made and comes home. But thats not all the key will only open the door to the car because the mazda keys have chips in them that have to be programmed. What the ___? Anyway so we push our car in the garage and leave to go camping. So Monday morning we have to figure out how to get our car to the dealership and who and the heck wants to pay $65 for a tow truck. So we borrowed a really big trailer and got the car to the dealership. Where they charge us $30 per key and $90 to program the keys. And then they want $150 for the freaking remote. Man good thing I love my son or maybe I would have sold him by now. Well so now Thursday rolls around and we are supposed to be at a birthday party up provo canyon by 7:30. Well I come home and its 6:15 and I told Brandon we had to leave in 20 minutes he then proceeds to tell me he CUT his hand about an hour ago. I said let me see... and it was for sure 1/4 inch deep. I said you need stitches and he says no a BANDAID will be fine. So then I reversed that and said if that was my hand would you make me get stiches and he said yes. So we went to instacare and got stictches. I dont pay out the BUTT for insurance for Brandon to do a repair at home. Well that was our week and its definately not over yet but we are hoping for a great weekend. Sorry to vent alot!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Camping Trip

We went to the sand dunes over the weekend with my parents and some friends. It was so much fun and nice to go on a little vacation.

Paxton had so much fun on his little four wheeler that he got for his birthday.

He loved to play in the sand. He would just sit out there and dig in the sand. He was so dirty I had to bathe him everyday while we were there.

We all went for a ride in out friends rhino. Brandon wants to get one so bad so that when we go places we can all ride together as a family. Paxton loved going for rides in it.

You leave dad to watch over Paxton for 2 seconds and the next thing I know Paxton is drinking out of dad's mountain dew can. Needless to say he stayed up til 11 that night.
Going for a ride with papa on his four wheeler. He loves to play with his papa so much.

This was on the way home from the sand dunes. He was so tired and so were the dogs. I thought this picture was so cute. We had a great time but I was ready to come home. Taking a 1 year old camping is alot of work because they are into everything.