Monday, January 26, 2009

Cruise pics!

This was our first island that we went to which was Samana in the Dominican Republic. It was absolutely gorgeous and was my favorite island. This is some of the girls on the tender ride over.

These two pics are some of the houses that the people live in. The Dominican Republic is a third world country and I have never been to such a poverty stricken place before. It was such a cultural shock for me. Its kind of hard to see how other people live especially when we are so blessed. I realize how much we take for granite. These aren't even the worst of the houses there. We drove through their town for about 40 minutes to get to the beach we were going to. And they don't have hardly anything, they sleep on the ground and none of them wear shoes. Their clothes are hanging out all over the place and kids run around naked. Dogs run wild there and they look like they haven't been fed in weeks. But over all this island is amazingly beautiful and the people are so nice and way humble.

These next ones are in St Thomas which is in the US virgin islands so it is so Americanized. Its beautiful the only weird thing is that they drive on the wrong side of the road but their steering wheels are still on the left side of the car its way weird.

We went para sailing in St. Thomas. It was so much fun and these pictures don't even do justice. We were 300 ft in the air and we were able to see a lot of the island and amazing reefs from up there. I got to go twice because we had an uneven number so I went with Brandon and my sister in law Kaitlan. It was a blast and I loved it!
Brandon lived in the water the entire trip. When we went to Tortola which is in the British Virgin islands, he snorkeled for hours and he found this hermit crab and felt like he had to bring it out to show everyone.

These pics are all from Tortola which was a gorgeous island and by far had the best snorkeling out of all the islands we went to. This picture right above is of all the kids that were on the trip. Brandon and I definately felt like teenagers again on this trip. We hung out with all of the teens which are between the ages of 13-20. It was awesome we stayed up until like 1 everynight. We would raid the buffet and order room service in the middle of the night and run down the halls and knock on peoples doors. (I know really juvenile but way fun) We also played ultimate spoons, which is just like normal spoons except we would put the spoons like two floors up or in the elevators. There were 17 total of us including adults. Also all of the surrounding islands around Tortola is where the Pirates of Caribbean was filmed. So pretty cool I think.
This picture is me in the Bahamas. This was seriously one of our favorite vacations. We had beautiful weather the whole time. We did alot of snorkeling and swimming. Brandon went deep sea fishing in miami on the last day. Brandon loves to fish and caught a massive fish but alot of my pics are on my mother in laws camera so these are just some of the fun pics that I have on my camera. We took way to many so hard to choose what to share. But I was so excited to see Paxton when I got home and dont ever want to leave him again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let me out!

OK so I have been running with my head cut off today. I had to work until 2 and then I wanted to clean my house. There is nothing worse then coming home from vacation to a dirty house. So I'm trying to leave my house spotless and have all of the laundry done. I haven't even started packing yet. But I went down stairs to do some laundry and came back up stairs and Paxton is shaking the gate wanting to come down the stairs. I had to pause and take a picture because he is so freakin cute! I am going to miss him so much. So packing might have to wait til after he goes to bed so I can spend some time with him. But I am so excited so warm weather here I come!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Ok so Paxton has been way sick since Tuesday. So I have been just staying home with him and taking care of him. Wednesday he woke up from his nap with a temperature of 102 so I started to stress a little. So I called his doctor and talked to the nurse and she said to just watch it and bring him in the morning if it got worse. Well about 8:30 that night he felt like he was burning up so we took his temp again and it was 104.3 so by this point Im freaking out. Well we called the doctor on call and she said to cool him down and give him some tyenol and bring him in the morning. So hear I am freaking out all night and checking on him like every hour. Because he seriously was the most lathargic little boy ever. Which for anyone who knows him well enough knows that he is so busy. Well he was still running 104 temp in the morning so I took him to the doctor and they checked to see if he had and ear infection. Nope not that so then they took a flu test and nope not that either. Last they took a test to see if he had RSV and yup that came back positive. So I have not left the house since then. I havent wanted him to go out and get more sick or be around any of our friends who have babies because I would hate myself if any of them got sick. Well when I decided that I wasnt going anywhere for the weekend I thought I would get lots done but nope he only wants me to hold him all day long. I tried to do a few things and he would just crawl around behind me tugging on my leg crying. Well luckily this morning he is feeling loads better. I had to lower his crib this weekend and this pic is him looking through the bars because now he has a harder time pulling himself up. But finally to the anxiety part Brandon and I are leaving for 9 days on friday and we are leaving Paxton behind. I have been stressing because I have never been away from him over night and I am freaking out. My mom will be watching him and she is the greatest but that still doesnt calm my nerves. And I have got nothing done and I hope Paxton will be better so he will be good for my mom.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Silly Boy

This picture is a little late its from New Years. He has now in the last week officially learned how to crawl and pull himself up on furniture. He is getting crazy fast its like I need one of those big dog pens so he can only crawl around in like a 5 foot area. But we were at my moms on new years and he crawled over to her door and pulled himself up and started licking the door. I thought it was so funny.
So this weekend I had to get him a big boy car seat. But it was such a pain because I had to get this big honkin one because he still needs to seat rear facing until he is 1. I wish I could of kept him in his other car seat but he is over the weight limit and height limit. He wasn't too happy about me putting him in this car seat while he was trying to play. Plus he is teething so he has been kind of cranky and his sleeping schedule has been way off. And I guess I shouldn't complain because he is still sleeping a long time but he used to go to bed at 7:30 and now he goes to bed at 10. And he hasnt been hardly taking a nap so he has been king of cranky which makes me a little cranky. But I love him a ton and hope he starts feeling better soon.