Sunday, September 12, 2010

So much to do and some minor bumps

I feel like being pregnant the 2nd time around just seems to fly on by. Where has time gone? If the baby comes when my doctor is hoping than I can officially say I am in the single digits and there is only 9 weeks left! My brother comes home in 38 days which I have been frantically helping my mom to finish his mission scrapbook because of course we figured we would have two years to finish it. But time started to fly right on by. As for the baby coming I am not even close to ready. His room is soo far from even being ready which if you know me freaks me out. I do not procastinate stuff like this. Paxton's room was ready like 3 1/2 months in advance. I have been really lucky this time around to not be sick. But just when I thought I was going to get through this pregnancy unscathed my doctor called on Tuesday and let me know that my labs did not come back normal. Two of my blood tests came back with some problems. The first one is totally fixable which is that I am a severe anemic. She said its been awhile since she has seen someone with such a low red blood cell count that is still functioning as a normal person. Little does she know that I have been so beyond tired for the last 2 months. Walking up the stairs makes me want to pass out and getting Paxton in out of the car feels like a big chore. I had just chopped it up to that I was pregnant and chasing a 2 year old in the 95 degree heat. But my mom and Brandon started to see signs of me increasingly getting worse to the point I was very short tempered with my family and friends. During the lab work I even passed out and had to have a nurse help me up on to the table where she could monitor me until I felt better. Then the following week at work I had to lie down twice in the middle of the floor because I was so light headed I couldnt even bear to sit up and look at the computer screen. Luckily that night was the night I got the call from the doctor. She told me specific medication I would need to go pick up from walgreens. I went and got it right away, and now have been on it 6 days and I can quite feel a difference except for that I am not feeling any worse which is a good sign. She said it could take up to 3 weeks to rebuild my supply. The second thing that is wrong is that I have something in my body present which is call anti c antibody. She told me that she would call and get me in to see a maternal fetal medicine doctor within a few days to have her check me out and go over what is wrong with me. My appointment was Friday and I was really nervous. What is wrong with me is all I could think about. They brought me back and performed an ultrasound to make sure that my condition was not causing the baby any harm. She said my baby looked great and I havent effected him yet. That was all she could tell me and I would have to wait for the specialist to come in. The specialist came in and asked me if I knew what was going on. I was like I have no clue except for the things I read on the internet that scared me to death. She continued to talk to me indepth about red blood cells, antibodies, and antigens( I felt like I was in science class). She told me that my red blood cells dont have an antibody c but my husbands do. Anyway long story short because it is still so confusing to me. The antigens in my body are fighting off these redblood cells and the more my numbers continue to go up then they can start fighting the babies red blood cells which will cause him to be born anemic and they would have to treat him according to his severity. So for now I have to have lab work done every couple of weeks to check on the progress. She said I am lucky that this problem didnt present itself early in the pregnancy or I would have more problems. Since I am this far into the pregnancy she hopes I will avoid any huge problems before I deliver. But as far as having more kids I will have to have my husbands blood tested so we can figure out future solutions but she said it usually gets worse with every pregnancy. Good thing I only wanted two or three kids anyway. Hopefully I will be feeling more like myself in the next couple weeks and will be able to accomplish alot more before the baby comes because I hate being unprepared. Sorry for the rambling but if I dont write it all down I will not remember everything.