Friday, August 28, 2009

Little friend

Well after my last post I thought I better make it up with something happy. I just got this picture in an email yesterday from my mom and dad. My mom babysits Paxton twice a week. Paxton loves her one dog Abby so much. He hugs her when he gets there in the morning and he follows her everywhere. Abby was trying to get away from him and crawled under the computer desk but Paxton went under there with her. I thought this was the cutest picture. I love Paxton so much and I am so grateful he is in my life. I wouldnt change anything about him. And sometimes being a mom can be so emotional and overwhelming, but I love every second of it. It is also so rewarding and exciting. I love you bud I cant believe you are getting so big.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

One of those days..

I have just had one of those days where I have become really depressed. Everyonce in a while I wake up and have that day when everything seems to go wrong. For those of you know me really well know that I have become obsessed with working out and losing weight. I started in March and did really well with dropping 2 pants sizes and losing 16 pounds. But lately I have been super discouraged. I havent lost any weight in over a month and I still work out like crazy. And I feel like I sacrifice so much, like diet coke:) And well today I put on my clothes and I spent 20 minutes trying to find something to wear and went through like 4 outfits. I just felt really frumpy and fat this morning and kind of had a melt down. Thanks to my wonderful husband who made me feel a little better by saying I look good in anything. I guess I just have to realize that my body is never going to look the same again. I would never change having Paxton because it is well worth it, but every once in a while I just wish I could look like I used to. I dont remember having to watch what I eat and having to actually work out. Since when did looking good take so much effort?? And I hate all of those people out there who are skinny as a rail and wear like a freakin size 0!! And eat whatever the heck they feel like. I want to just sit down in my pajamas and have a big bowl of icecream and a brownie and not care how many calories I am eating or how long I will have to work out to work it off. And maybe I shouldnt be so hard on myself because I have come a long way. Well I guess thats all and for everyone who has had a baby and sometimes feels this way I am with you all the way! And for those of you who have had a baby and dont feel this way because this isnt an issue, then I HATE YOU! Have a great day :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Always into mischief

Its hard to see in this picture but he is up on our tv stand crawling around putting his little hands all over the tv. We got a new black tv stand about a week ago and it sits down lower than our last one and has a little more space in front of the tv. So he thinks he is so funny to get up there. He climbs up on everything hes like a little monkey.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Playing in the rain!

Yesterday morning it was raining so hard and Paxton wanted to go outside. So I put his slicker pants, raincoat, and water shoes on and we went outside to play.

He was having so much fun splashing in all of the puddles. He even laid down a couple of times and was splashing with his hands.

The garage was open and he got his four wheeler out and started riding around on it in the rain. I have to say it was a blast to go out and play in the rain with him. I even splashed around in the puddles with him. Afterwards we came inside and had a nice warm bath so Paxton wouldnt get sick. I love rainy days especially in the summer.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fun in July!

Wow we have been so busy this last month. I took Paxton to California with Brandon's whole family. It was his first time going on a plane and he was really good. I would never go any longer than to California with him though. Brandon had to stay home and work but we had a blast.
Grandma Jane brought this chair for Paxton and he loved to sit in it under the umbrella.

He was so good at the beach, he even took a nap when he got tired which was good so that I didnt have to take him back to the condo.

He had so much fun at the condo they had swimming pools and big grassy areas to play with the other kids.
He seemed to be fastinated with the fact that our suitcase was sitting empty on the floor. Every morning he would get into it and play. We were so lucky Paxton and I had our own place to ourselves. With our own kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Thanks to Brandons awesome parents.

He spent hours just playing in the sand. But boy was he fun to clean up at the end of the day.

He wanted to help all the kids build sand castles. Mostly he just climbed all over them and got in the way. He would also knock down everything they were working on. Eventually they gave up and let him join in.
We went to Sea world while we were down there and Paxton wanted to walk around with his aunts and not be in the stroller. I thought this pic was so cute.

Paxton and I at the shark encounter. I got him to hold still long enough to snap a picture with him but he wasnt very happy.
Paxton loved putting his hands in the water and touching the sting rays.

I loved this picture Paxton is watching the Shamu show. He loved to watch all of the shows and was so good.
Grandma Jane bought a popcorn that could be refilled for 2 bucks when ever we wanted it and Paxton ate like 2 bucket fulls by himself. Then he thought it was fun to put the bucket on his head.

This is Brandon's sisters and one of his brothers. I had so much fun with them at sea world it made me feel like a teenager again.

We spent one day with all of the girls on the trip going to the spa and getting pedicures and our eyebrows waxed. Then we went shopping and went to a really yummy yogurt place.

This is some of the group on the last day at the beach. There was 35 of us total and it was such a blast.
This is Paxton and Grandpa Chris. Chris was burying Paxton and he loved it. He just sat there the entire time.

Here is Paxton at the airport waiting to board the plane. He decided that all he wanted to do was lay down with his blanket and bottle in the middle of the floor.
We have also gone camping twice in July with my family and it was so much fun. Paxton loves to go camping and play in the dirt. He gets so dirty though so its good that my parents have a 5th wheel so we can bathe Paxton everyday.
Paxton and daddy going for a ride in our new toy that we like to call the "monster." Well July has been a blast and sad enough we dont have nearly as many fun plans for August.