Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our Summer!

We have been soo busy this summer I thought I better upload some pics. This is half of our summer. At the beginning we went to the zoo with some friends.

Paxton and Steele having soo much fun together. I am excited because they are going to preschool together this fall.


A couple weeks later we went to Lake Powell with Brandons whole fam. We had soo much fun! Thanks to my mom for keeping Aiden we were able to enjoy ourselves with out worrying about Aiden.

Paxton and Fisher were little buddies the whole trip.

Our awesome houseboat that we were soo lucky to stay on!


2 weeks later Paxton and I had the chance to go to Bear Lake with Brandon's other side of the family. They rented a house on the lake. It was a blast!

The back of the house we stayed at.

Pax throwing a frisbee.


Paxton and Blake

Love this one of my little Aiden.

We have had soo much fun this summer. We still have lots planned so more pics to come at the end of the summer along with the rest of our adventures!


Todd and Lisette said...

The pictures of the boys at the zoo are so cute!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

Holy cow Pax is going to pre-school!!!!! WOW! Love all your pics!

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